Let’s take a closer look.

I am what I do.

“I’m what I do.

The most important thing about me

I’m Evgeniy – fashion photographer

How I came to photography

My story is actually much simpler than it may seem. Even before I first picked up a camera, I already knew how I wanted to see my artwork.

It may sound a little pretentious, but I’ve always loved watching people. It’s interesting, but most of them don’t even realise how beautiful they are at this very time, at this very moment. That’s when I decided to take the camera into my own hands. Not out of the thirst for a new career, but out of love for beauty.


I should probably also mention that I am the creator of one of the most famous modelling agencies in Russia called “MATRESHKA KIDS”. And as you might imagine I am also the leading photographer in there. My experience as a teacher helps me to easily work and get along with children of all ages. Being a father, I love kids so much: they are sincere, energetic and curious, and if you put it all together, you get projects of incredible power! Feeling my sincere love, they reach out to me, and I am happy that I can stand at the very beginning of their careers!


Over the years I have assembled a huge team of professionals, each of whom is brilliant in his field, and therefore I am always so confident that we can handle any project. We direct and manage a lot of shooting by ourself and we propose the customers only the latest and most fashionable ideas. Your style is the base for our work, which is why we have so many customers who come back again and again.

My main focus

  • Fashion photography
  • Catalogue shootings
  • Directing campaigns
  • And more …


  • Eugene Bogachkin
  • 7 (928) 428 94 95