Leya – monsters garden collection 2019


June 2019

  • The collection was developed by the team
  • leya.me
  • Film producer
  • Evgeniy Bogachkin
  • Photographer
  • Evgeniy Bogachkin

Each collection of “Leya.me” is always unique in it’s kind. And to be honest, we are always very amused by shooting! This collection called “Monsters garden” gave us a huge space for imagination! Stories like “Monsters, Inc.” and “The Chronicles of Narnia” immediately came to our mind. If you watched you might remember that there was a door or a closet into the other magical world. So, my team and I literally built such a world behind the door right in the woods. We just had to open it to let our charming “monsters” out.

Producing such a project, you actually never really know what the result is gonna be, and so the process of work turns into the purest kind of creativity!